Beautiful leaves and crisp, cool weather means fall is a wonderful time to get out for a drive. But in spite of these things, the season also brings with it some dangers for drivers. How can you stay safe on the roads this autumn? A-1 Glass Masters wants you to reduce your risk of an accident and the need for auto glass repair that can result. Stay alert and watch out for these fall driving hazards whenever you’re behind the wheel:

  • Leaves – It’s easy to keep your eyes on the brilliant colors of fall leaves. However, once those leaves fall from the trees, they can create numerous problems for drivers. Wet leaves can be as slick as ice when you drive over them. They also cause low visibility when they get stuck to your windshield or mirrors.
  • Fog – Chilly autumn mornings make it easy for fog to form. Since it’s so close to the ground, it can be very dangerous for drivers. If conditions are foggy, be prepared for decreased visibility. Minimize the issue by making sure your auto glass is clean and by using your low beams. Never use high beams when it’s foggy out.
  • Rain – While fall has lots of nice and sunny days, it can also bring periods of rain. Rain always increases the chances for accidents due to poor visibility and slick spots on roads. Always be cautious when driving in the rain.
  • Glare – Speaking of sunny days, they can be hazardous, too. The sun’s glare is particularly strong this time of year – and it’s the worst during morning and afternoon rush hours. Always keep a pair of sunglasses in your car and use the fold-down shades (or even your hand) for added visibility.
  • Deer – Finally, keep an eye out for deer this fall. Since it’s mating season, deer are moving around more than normal. The chances of them crossing the roads increases, too. Protect yourself from a windshield replacement claim by watching out for deer and other wildlife.

Even the most careful drivers can run into problems on the road. If this happens to you and you need auto glass repair this fall, call A-1 Glass Masters for fast service in the Claxton and Hazlehurst areas of Georgia.