A windshield often takes the brunt of the impact in an auto accident. Damaged windshields can be dangerous for you and for other drivers and pedestrians, so they need to be fixed right away. If you choose to file an insurance claim to cover the windshield replacement cost, there are certain steps you’ll need to take to make sure the process goes smoothly. Today, A-1 Glass Masters has some advice on how to file a windshield replacement claim in the Savannah and Statesboro areas of Georgia:

  • Act sooner rather than later – It’s always recommended that you take immediate action when you need to file an auto insurance claim. It will be easier to remember all the details and will get the problem resolved faster.
  • Contact your insurance agent – Your first move should be to call your insurance agent to review your auto insurance policy. They’ll walk you through your coverage and determine if your windshield replacement cost is covered.
  • File the claim – If you need someone to guide you through the paperwork, talk to your insurance company. They’ll make sure everything is filed properly.
  • Get your new windshield installed – Call a reputable auto glass repair shop like ours to replace your windshield. Make sure your claim has been approved before you have any work done.
  • Handle any remaining costs – When the work is done and you’re satisfied with the new windshield, see if there are any remaining costs that need to be paid. Depending on where you live, your insurance might be able to cover the costs of the repair but you may have to pay the deductible. Again, it’s best to ask your agent about this upfront so you’ll be ready to handle any out-of-pocket costs.

Don’t stress over your windshield replacement cost. Instead, give A-1 Glass Masters a call today. We’re one of the leading auto glass repair shops in Claxton, Statesboro, and Savannah, GA. Trust our auto glass repair shop to help you with your windshield repair or replacement.