When bad weather strikes, there’s always a chance that your property could be damaged. One of the most common types of storm damage is to auto glass. You may suffer a small crack that can be easily repaired but you could also have to deal with more severe damage, especially if hail is involved. In these cases, a full windshield replacement is often necessary. But how do you know exactly what you need? Look for auto glass replacement near you for a professional auto glass repair service. In the Statesboro, GA area, A-1 Glass Masters is the place to call. Here are a few tips on what you need to do after a storm damages your windshield or auto glass:

  • Determine the cause – Before you call an auto repair shop, determine the exact cause of damage and when it happened. If your insurance company is able to help with the costs of windshield replacement, they’ll want to know these details. This process may also help you prevent future damage by rethinking factors like where you park your vehicle during a storm.
  • Give a description of the cracks – An auto glass repair service will want to know the size and location of the cracks on your windshield. This helps the technicians determine whether you need a complete replacement or just a repairs.
  • Call a mobile auto glass service – If the damage to your windshield keeps you from seeing clearly, it’s best to avoid driving your vehicle until teh repairs are made. A mobile auto glass service will come out and meet you to perform the repairs or replacement. A-1 Glass Masters offers mobile windshield service and will come to your home or office for your convenience and safety.

If your windshield gets damaged during a storm, contact A-1 Glass Masters to talk to one of our experienced technicians. We promise to get your windshield replaced quickly and professionally in Statesboro, Claxton, Hazlehurst, and surrounding areas of Georgia.